Take it back, take it all back now
The things i gave, like the taste of my kiss on your lips,
I miss that now
I can’t try any harder than i do
All the reasons i gave, excuses i made for you
Are broken in two
All the things left undiscovered
Leave me waiting and left to wonder
I need you
Yeah I need you
When im in the dark and all alone
Dreaming that you’ll walk right through my door,
Its then i know my heart is whole
Theres a million reasons why i cry
Hold my covers tight and close my eyes
Cuz i dont wana be alone
Cuz i cant fake and I cant hate
But it’s my heart
Thats about to break
You’re all i need
I’m on my knees
Watch me bleed
Would you listen please
I give in
I breathe out
I want you, theres no doubt
I freak out, I’m left out
Without you, im without
I’m kicked out
I cry out
I reach out
Don’t walk away
Don’t walk away
Don’t walk away
Don’t walk away

Una peli de mocos – “Undiscovered”

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