A.Plus: La Twitter Desktop App de Ashton Kutcher

Buenas buenas gente, aquí escribiendo algo en este humilde hogar, sé que me he perdido pero ahí les va:


Me encontraba leyendo mis feeds cuando llegó un email por parte de Ubermedia dándome una actualización sobre su futura aplicación pero en desktop:

Aviary mail-google-com Picture 1

An Update on the UberSocial Desktop App

Several weeks ago we opened up registration for those interested in using a beta version of our UberSocial desktop app. The response was overwhelming, and we have some exciting news. We have been collaborating with some of our most passionate users on what they’d like to see in a desktop application as well as the plan to bring it to market.

While we finalize those plans, we invite you to download A.Plus, a new desktop app just launched by the original king of Twitter, Ashton Kutcher.  A.Plus was a collaboration between Ashton and UberMedia.  It works on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and can be downloaded here.

A.Plus includes all of the functionality you’ve come to expect from UberMedia’s top-rated Twitter clients. In addition, Ashton has personally curated an array of channels ranging  from his favorite pop culture gems to his philanthropic ventures as well as a number of cool things he’s found on Twitter.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for our products and hope you enjoy A.Plus!  We think Ashton has hit it out of the park with his design for this app!

The UberMedia Team


Al hacer click nos lleva a la web de la aplicación Desktop de Twitter que Ashton Kutcher realizó:



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